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28.1 still writing

So every day or near enough I sit down for an hour at my computer and work on the first draft of this latest story. It is, I admit, not going wonderfully well, and I often find myself wanting to turn to one of my other ideas instead. However, now I think I am close to finishing. I am moving quickly towards the final scenes, building up towards the last climactic conflict, and rather earlier than I had planned, which I have been a little worried about before. But now, thinking about it, perhaps it isn’t that bad. I mean, so what if I finish the whole first draft in 50,000 words, I have a lot more to add in later. It seems each first draft I do is worse, that vampire story, I’ve barely found any changes, adding a few bits, moving lessons around and so on, my spy story I’m sure could do with quite a bit of work in some areas when I get to it, and this one, gaping holes in the plot, whole major characters barely mentioned, rather vague on some parts to keep the rest of it flowing along, it will take a lot to turn that into a readable story. And in the end it will be a lot longer than it is now, too, a proper novel size I am sure.

So, it seems my timetable was wrong, I will not finish in May and spend a few weeks polishing it off, I will finish in a few days and spend some months completely rewriting the whole thing, perhaps more than once. But then, that was what I had wanted to try, quick rubbish first drafts and a lot of work on them afterwards, now it seems accidentally I get a chance to try it. Only trouble is that might make it seem I am writing less when it comes to recording my daily word counts then, and I have known for a while that was a rather imperfect system for measuring how much I do, most likely that is precicely why I have become so obsesed with long detailed first drafts.

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  1. April 3, 2011 at 12:22 am

    Writing short first drafts is not a bad thing since it’s so much easier to add stuff to a story than it is to take stuff out. I wrote a nano novel that I barely had enough words for to finish the challenge, and a year and a half later and lots of revisions and I’m really hoping it stays under 90,000 words. But good luck with your writing! It’s always nice having a lot of good ideas to work on.

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