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27.1 In other news

We’ve invaded Libya. What I’m finding interesting now is that this was days ago now, and the newspapers and TV news people seem to be scrabbling around for anything interesting to say. It all was going so well for them to start with Day 1:We’ve bombed Libya, Day 2:We’ve invaded Libya, Day 3: now what? This country is actually at war, twice, and the news people are struggling to find something interesting to say, some way of getting us to let them tell us the same thing all over again a few days later.

Of course, there is probably a lot of things going on there, you read back though old newspaper archives (as I learnt whilst doing some research a few weeks ago) the Times in particular has a lot of detailed reports on old wars, apparently their Crimean war coverage was particularly good and a lot of people were interested in reading the latest news every morning. Not any more though.

Meanwhile, rioting and protests against government cuts continues, the government has to make savings somewhere, it can’t cancel everything someone complains about, sooner or later they have to make these difficult decisions, that is their job. But at least now we have learnt a lesson, not to elect a Conservative government next time a bunch of rich people drop us into a recession.

I think I am thinking too much today, must be all this work I have to put off. I’m sure noone really cares about my ramblings on these topics any more than my complaints about university, but there we are, something to do at least.

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