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24.1 update

So, I went to see these future housemates, and that went well enough, though maybe I could have talked more. Well, the issue of money did not come up throughout, we are going so be sorting that out on Wednesday instead, which might well change some of my plans, and thinking back, perhaps I should at least have mentioned the deposit cheque they had me write out, rather than carrying it around with me all afternoon waiting for it to come up in conversation. Then, after about an hour chatting over drinks, perhaps I should have declined their offer to stay with them a while longer, not that I dislike them or anything, but at the moment spending two hours in someone’s hot and dirty bedroom watching cartoons on Youtube whilst two of the people there sit and smoke is not my idea of the best use of my time. So, I got back a bit late and now have been having to make up for lost time, but they seem like nice enough people.

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