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24.1 new housemates and lunch

I have at last heard back from the people I will be living with next year, it’s mostly all sorted out now, I have to meet them this afternoon and we can finish off a few details of contracts and so on, as well as getting to know each other better. It is also at this meeting that I need to have a little talk with them about rent. Not the usual sort of problem, in my case I need to persuade I have enough savings for them never to worry about me being unable to pay any time. Should be easy enough right? Yesterday afternoon it seems I thought so, I had worked out what sorts of things I had to say and everything, and was sure it would go well enough, but it was as though it was only that evening that I suddenly remembered just how difficult I still find talking to people, and the sort of things I am more likely to say, short fragments of sentances, only a few words at a time, but even so, I think I can see how I need to approach the problem, so long as I can remember it all at the time. Meanwhile, I need to find ways of fitting my work around this meeting this afternoon, given that I managed somehow to forget all about having to present my coursework project on Tuesday, I will need a bit more done than I had planned to for that, as well as working on everything else I am supposed to be doing now. At the same time, of course, I need to continue with my writing, having started getting back into this history work, and wanting to make up for getting a little behind schedule recently. Hours of work that is, I have tried persuading myself it is less than I was doing at school or college, but it doesn’t help.

Anyway, about time for lunch now, surprisingly quickly I have gotten into this new time thing, I hardly feel any different this morning, and for once am not trying  to pretend it is still the real time, otherwise I would have to wait another hour for lunch and am already hungry. The only reason I came here first was because I could hear someone washing up in the kitchen, all my stuff is in the cupboard over the sink and it feels a little awkward going to get something to eat and having to wait for someone else to move out of the way. Annoying though that they leave piles of washing up around the place for days, then decide to do all of it at meal times, just when other people need to use the kitchen.

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