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22.1 currently…

I am working on what I think of as my fourth story. The first is being even now (I hope) considered by publishers, a strange mix of magic, politics and teenagers. The second was my attempt at my own version of a vampire story, I am going through the third draft now. And the third, a spy thriller set in the 16th century, is at the moment sitting waiting for me to start the second draft.

Most of the time now, though, I am working through number 4, which is rather a strange story, basically the plot is that a bunch of dead people, residing in the ‘land of the dead’, have found a way of escaping back to this world, and set about doing so, prompting the hero to be sent to this side to stop them, whilst others work (with rather less success) on their side at the same thing. So far it is not going well for my hero, he is getting annoyed, and I am slightly worried just how I am supposed to have him realise in time that they have given up on crossing over and returning to their own lives, and are instead planning to tear a hole through the barrier between the worlds, in the midst of the olympic opening ceremony (Philadelphia 2028), killing tens of thousands and draining their energy to gain what they hope will be unstoppable power, or something. Oh yes, and then the hero has to decide, actually I quite like it here, I think I’ll stay, though that might take place part way through the sequel instead, where the devil tricks everyone else into thinking he has changed and regrets his former actions. And, somewhere around I need to slip in random bits of philosophy and futuristic science too, I have a lot of work ahead, considering I am hoping to finish in May…

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