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19.1 Tuesday at last

Finally, after days of being almost unable to progress with my coursework idea, I could go in, get some advice and sort this little problem out. Which meant, as usual for studio, sitting and waiting for hours for my turn. I think really I need to be more forceful in setting work I want considered in front of my tutor and asking the questions I really want answered, rather than letting them distract me with their suggestions of entirely new approaches, especially this late in the design when there is barely any time to come up with something totally different, and considering before they were comlaining that I was coming up with too many ideas and changing my mind all the time. Anyway, no one direct answer to the question, whether I should compromise my underlying design and the whole layout of the rest of the building just to get one detail in a better place, instead an assertion that I need a simpler building. I sort of agree there, it has gotten a little chaotic, I have made a start on simplifying it down a little. Meanwhile, it was only based off my own thoughts whilst waiting for this chance, and a short lecture soon after on views and windows and such like, that I think I will go with my prefered idea, with the restaurant nestled deep in the back of the building, it is less simple a design, but yet my tutor also likes emphasising that we should at this stage be borrowing ideas from elsewhere, which I had managed to do this time, so long as I could maintain that particular shape.

So, long rambling rant noone will ever read. In conclusion, after long wait tutor’s advice of little help, will put concept design integrity over fitting one room in a supposedly ideal location, if it is wrong, not entirely my fault.

And still no sign of whoever is supposed to be coming to see me about my share of this book token, over a week now, I wonder if he’s avoiding me?

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