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18.1 University troubles

Today, I had to hand in some work, it was for the group-work project we had been doing a couple of weeks ago, and I had hoped the rest of the group might turn up at some time. Did I mention before that we won a prize, that someone decided to award a whole group of people a single book token to share out. As yet noone has come to ask me what I want with my share, and I had hoped to meet them this morning, was even prepared to hang around and wait a while too, but they didn’t turn up, and I am not going to wait all day for them.

Meanwhile, I was a little reluctant to hand in my work, being a group project, much of my work is mixed in with others’, I have no idea where most of it is, seems to have gotten lost in the chaos of putting the final presentation together, so I only had a few pages to hand in, meanwhile my essay is, like my posts on here, long and rambling, and a little critical of both the rest of the team and the project in general. Anyway, it’s done now.

And, finally, I have a plan. I have nine weeks to get all my work done, I will leave off the main project for most of the next three, other than gathering a bit of advice on Tuesdays, and have everything else finished before going home for easter. Then the day I get back, I will have the whole design worked out to the last detail and three more weeks to get the last work done, twice what I usually leave myself, and that with some designing still needed. Now, I just have to go and do it…

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