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17.1 Planning

I’m sure most people reading this at the moment already know all about Nanowrimo, if not, look it up and try it, you might really like it. In short, it is supposedly a month long writing competiton, but having done it the last couple of years I know it lasts rather long than just the month, with all the planning and editing and so on, to get a final finished novel out of it. Those of us doing it here were meeting up quite often to talk and work and so on, but a while ago just sort of stopped bothering. Then yesterday, I recieved an email, we were going to meet up again this morning. So, of course only three people turned up, and though I was supposed to be spending the time editing the story I wrote last year, I instead spent hours planning for later this year, partly because my laptop ran out rather quickly again. I think I really need to do a lot more planning of my stories, though, I usually give it a go, get bored, start writing and have to make most of it up as I go, which is rather more difficult, I think, and takes longer. If only I could plan better and more, I am sure the rest would be a lot easier. I intend to give it a proper go next time, working every day for a month on it.

Meanwhile, I also need to do a lot of planning for my coursework, designing this building, and also choosing a program to draw them all on as well, I have tested a few and don’t like them, and I need to get one on my own computer too, not sure how. I need to go and ask for some advice on whether to compromise on my idea of how the building should look in order to get nice views from the restaurant, or whether that would work somewhere further back where all the rest fits together a lot nicer. Then I will need to plan out all the rest of the building, all the rooms, windows, walls, everything, and try to get it all to work. That should be fun. Usually at this point I would have given up on the whole idea and started something new and perhaps slightly better, but I am determined not to this time.

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