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16.1 – IE9

At the moment I am trying out this new Internet Explorer 9, and so far I’m not too sure I like it. It seems all they’ve done is gotten rid of a few of those things that make getting around the internet easier to save a bit of room. Oh, and made all the text really big and bold in an annoying way. So, I will be looking for a way to change back as soon as I can, I think.

You know what I think would be good, if I could take IE8, great though it is, and make some little changes to it, add a few little details, if I could get at the, whatever it’s called that tells the program what it is, and modify it, find some way of making it just how I want it for myself. I think they could make computer programs a lot easier to change like that, I’m sure some really smart computer nerd could work it out in moments, but what about the rest of us. I recently discovered that my parents used to do things like that, and write their own programs too, back when computers were a lot simpler.

Second thoughts now, it isn’t quite so bad as I had thought. That is, there are still a lot of problems, but if I can find some way to get that ‘quick tabs’ or whatever it’s called back, shrink the text back to normal, and make it a little quicker to get at my most often visited sites, from the menu and my little favourites buttons, it does have a few useful features. What would be good would be something that combines the best of the two. Well, that wasn’t so hard, added a bunch of sites to my favourites menu, if I can just remember to go there rather than the usual place, that’s a little better. Now to fix that huge text…

Meanwhile, the results are in, my laptop battery lasts at best around 25 minutes. It used to be nearly three hours.

IE9 is going a lot better now. I found a page of keyboard shortcuts, including one to open quick tabs, and got my favourites bar back, seems there was indeed a setting to just put it back. Now, just get the text back right, and I’ll be satisfied. Seems I was wrong about this new program, or whatever it is, just took some getting used to, and a bit of organising around how I wanted it. However, this post has become rather long and rambling in the process.

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