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14.1 Should be on here more often

I really should, I can’t believe I have left it almost a week before coming back, I have started to worry that I can’t even remember why I started doing this.

Anyway, recent news, I have been getting rather behind on my coursework, getting out of the habit of working on it a while every day, and I have, as I expected before, run into some difficulties with my current work, I will have to work that out, but I am sure once I have done that, and gotten around to somehow finding and learning how to use one of the university’s prefered computer drawing programs I can get everything finished on time, if I work quickly enough from now on.

As yet, no word back from any potential publishers, though it has only been a couple of weeks. Also nothing from these people I thought I might be living with next year, I went to look around the house, I even sent them another email a while after, and no replies, it is as though they have stopped talking to me as well.

Someone seems to have been having trouble with the post service, complaining about items lost in the mail. I don’t know who, but whoever it was, the reply, which says there is nothing they can do, was mistakenly delivered to here. Unless it was meant for the people that lived here before, and moved out back in June, I believe.

And finally, work on my current writing projects is going quite well, though after a few weeks on the main one, I am starting to run out of different ideas, the same things are happening over and over, and if I end it as soon as it seems I might, it will be a really short book. The other I have no ideas at all, and will need to sit down one day and plan it all out. However, the battery on my laptop has finally died, I thought it was going quite well, managing to last over an hour some days recently, but just now it admitted to giving up, I am not sure yet what this will mean for my work in the library, or where I would have to go to get a new one, though I have been thinking of getting a whole new laptop for a while now.

That seems to be everything. Hopefully I will be back soon, then I can manage a few shorter posts, these first few seem to be rather long and rambling, there being so much going on between them.

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