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8.1 lots going on

So, it has been a while since I was last on here, perhaps a bit longer than I would have liked, but it has been a busy week. University has decided that this is the week for getting us to do a whole project in just a few days, a sort of intensive course in a particular subject area. I ended up working on the redesigning of the local cafe, though truth is I don’t work remarkably well in groups, though I was not alone in that, and perhaps could have done better to get some of my suggestions across and influence the design more. Either way, after five days of this it was my group that won first prize, though I am not sure what the idea was behind giving one book voucher to a whole team of people, now I have to choose my share of books and we will compile a list to be bought and shared out amongst everyone. Fun. And there is a chance when they do come to make changes to the building, they will incorporate some of our ideas. And if they do, I think that would be better than a few days wandering around Vienna or Helsinki on one of the other options I could have chosen.

And of course staying here gave me a chance to keep up with all my writing work. Not as much as a normal week with only a few hours of lectures and such like, but I am progressing well. My latest story is going a bit slower than I would have liked, the part where I planned it all out beforehand did not go wonderfully, and I am running out of ideas. Usually I can just about make it all up as I go, but this time the new ideas and scenes are coming slower than usual. And still no word back from any of those publishers, though they did warn it might take some time.

And then, after all this, I have to go out this evening to look around what could be the house I live in next year, and meet the people I will be living with. I hope I make a good first impression. I am quite determined to talk more than I usually would, though I have been before as well, and it rarely works out like that. Still, I can only do my best, right? Wish me luck though. (Not that anyone will actually be reading this site any time soon, I’m sure) 1 hour 45 minutes I want to already be out the door and on my way.

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