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2.1 Who am I?

As I promised myself, I have come back to provide a second post, in this case a few notes about my self. Now this is difficult, I have never liked writing about myself, and here the challenge I think is more to cover enough without rambling on and on about little details that noone cares about. I have to keep this interesting, or everyone will give up reading part way through, and I believe with some effort, this can be.

So, the basics, My name is Oliver, I am currently 22, I am an Architecture student, at Portsmouth University. This means I am living away from home, temporarily at least, for months each year. I am actually finding the course rather difficult at the moment, there is a lot more computer based work than I had expected, that is something that I struggle with, as perhaps you might see here. Also, I may have mentioned yesterday, I write books on occasion. Well, I have written some, though as yet no word back from any potential publishers on the first.

And now already I am starting to run out of things to say, there is a lot more, but I can’t think how to express it in words. Which is strange, I am usually reasonably good at words, typing at least. Talking not so much so, I find it difficult to talk to anyone, and when I do, I am always very quiet, I don’t know why, that is how I have always been, though I am starting to get better, slowly. Partly because of this I was labelled by my school in such a way that, regardless or not of how similar I am to their theory, everyone since has assumed they know what I am like when really they have no idea.

Why am I here, though, that is quite a question, what was it that made me think suddenly this would be a good idea. I really don’t know, I had an idea a few days ago, and seem to have forgotten it. My memory isn’t that great, well, I remember facts and such like easily, but things I have done or thought about just slip away too quickly. Something about a chance to get my own story out there somewhere, to tell my side, I sometimes think of comments I might like to make, but can’t really with my difficulty talking, and I am trying to make something more interesting of my life, all those plans I had before and gave up on, and I thought, well, why not now, if not now, then when?

Or something like that. OK, I give up, that should be enough for now, if I think of something later, I can come back.

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